Saturday, September 21, 2013

Single: Rain Delay

When it rains in Texas, it rains hard in Texas...

Hard enough to completely cancel the religious spectacle that is Friday night high school football. Friday night's game at Memorial Stadium in Victoria, Texas was the first I've covered for the Victoria Advocate, a newspaper I'm currently here completing a multimedia internship with.

I was expecting a pretty standard evening of shooting-- grab the first half, then transmit at halftime before heading back to the newsroom-- but the story quickly changed when lightning, thunder and a torrential downpour roared into the area and forced a cancellation of not only the game I was at, but also every other game going on that evening within the paper's coverage area.

In short, the story was no longer football, it was weather. I snagged this photo before scampering back to the press box to dry out:

Victoria East High School cheerleaders, from left, Anna-Ashley Spence, Kirsten Click and Sydney Warner huddle together in the rain at Memorial Stadium in Victoria, Texas on Sept. 20, 2013. Heavy rain and lightning would eventually cancel the game between Victoria East and CC King midway through the first quarter. (IAN TERRY/ITERRY@VICAD.COM)

Victoria Advocate | September 21, 2013

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